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I want to tell you a little bit more about our company and myself over the next few minutes.


I was always fascinated by the level of engagement Explainer Videos have over people, to know why they engage people so deeply I read some research done in this field and found that it was because they combine audio and visual stimulus to explain a concept simply and understandably. Instead of just providing text or audio, they use both, which is proven to increase message retention. With video, you capture the attention of both auditory and visual learners. 

So I went out to find the process of making Explainer Videos, talked to many production teams that were already making them. They were charging an inordinate price for the production, that was mainly because of just having Local Work Arrangement. I also came across some cheap agencies who provide Explainer Video for a cheap price, they just basically provide cookie-cutter video that is worthless.


That’s why I entered I entered this Market, I saw all these massive agencies charging inordinate prices or these cheap studios offering worthless content, barely any companies in the middle. I knew it was possible to offer quality videos at an affordable price, without making massive margins. I came up with the idea of creating flexible and distributed work arrangements all across the globe. We found Top Experienced people in this field from different parts of the world, created a powerful Network of Production, Management, and Delivery to deliver the best Quality Explainer Videos to our clients. Our network allows us to integrate the latest digital technologies and expertise into our productions. But more importantly, this network keeps us inspired. Keeps us stepping up to that next level. Enables us to take on massive challenges. And allows us to live our dreams.

There are many reasons for our affordable service like maintain quality at lower costs just by eliminating the rent involved with office space through the virtualization of our workspace.

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